Summer Courses at Poole Painting Studio

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Short courses in painting, printmaking and general art subjects will be held between April and September 2014 with friendly tuition from a variety of expert tutors. You can click this Course Booking Form link to access the booking form.

Here is the 2014 programme.

We offer Discounts and Special Offers on many of the courses. See the details at the bottom of the page.

Linocut Illustration


Saturday 26th – Monday 28th AprilPeter Ursem£140
Figure Drawing and Painting


Mondays 16th, 23rd and 30th June and 7th JulyNo Tutor£29 per day or £99 for all 4 Mondays
Harbour and Studio (Into Abstraction)


Wednesday 18th – Thursday 19th JuneMartyn Brewster £92
Indian Painted Story Scrolls


Thursday 26th JuneDebbie Lee£46
Portrait Drawing and Painting


Mondays 14th, 21st and 28th July and 18th AugustNo Tutor£29 per day or £99 for all 4 Mondays
Oil Painting Workshop


Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th AugustTeresa Lawton£92
Drawing: Ways and Means


Saturday 16th AugustRosalind Kunath£46
Painterly Prints (Silkscreen Monoprints)


Wed 17th & Thur 18th SeptemberMartyn Brewster£92

Discounts and Special Offers For Courses

Special Offer: Book three 2-day or 3-day courses and get a one-day course FREE. (Offer not available for Portrait and Figure Drawing).

All courses offer 10% discount to members of Poole Printmakers.

Other Art Courses and Classes

Weekly art classes with tutor Abi Kremer are held in Poole Painting Studio. For information and booking contact Abi at

Oil-Painting Workshops and other courses are held in Poole Painting Studio on occasional Sundays with tutor Teresa Lawton. For information and booking contact Teresa Lawton at

Friday Art Group is a group of artists who meet on Fridays 10am-1pm without a tutor to use the studio for their own painting or drawing session. For more information contact Ruth Oaks.

Fresh Talent artists (artists with learning disabilities) meet every Tuesday 10am – 3pm and every Friday 1.30 - 4pm for a session making art with group leaders Penny Frayn and Ruth Oaks and others. The group welcomes new members. For more information contact Ruth Oaks.

If you would like to run your own art class or group in Poole Painting Studio please contact Ruth Oaks about availablity and hire arrangements.

Poole Printmakers courses: This year some of these are being held during the summer but they are separately co-ordinated by Catherine Pitchford. You can find more information for these printmaking courses on Poole Printmakers website or contact

What is a Solar Etching?

Etching by the traditional process was used by artists from renaissance times to print multiple copies from a printing plate drawn by the artist. In brief: for traditional etching a copper plate is covered by an acid-resistant surface of bitumen and wax and the artist draws through this surface with a point to expose the metal. The plate is then put into acid which eats into the drawn lines to create grooves and textures in the plate. The waxy surface is then cleaned off and the plate printed by the intaglio method. This means that ink is wiped on to the plate and then wiped away to leave ink in the grooves and textures of the plate but remove it from the surfaces. The plate is then put through a very high pressure press with damp paper which squeezes the ink out of the textures of the plate on to the paper.

Etching is valued by artists as a way of creating rich velvety marks and tones, allowing for expression both in drawing on the plate and printing from it. Solar etchings are printed in the same way as traditional etchings so the same effects can be created but there is also scope for a wide variety of other forms of expression.

Solar Etching is a technique relatively recently adopted by artists. (It was originally used industrially for printed circuits and for printing on ceramics.) It provides an alternative method for making etching plates which are then printed in the traditional way. As a photographic method solar etching allows the design to be applied to the plate in a variety of ways, including the transfer of a previously made drawing or photograph with all its detail and range of tone.

For artists the most usual use of the process is in intaglio printing. For this the plate is printed by hand wiping and put through a press in the traditional way, similar to that by which Rembrandt would have printed his etchings, allowing for further creative expression with tone and sometimes colour of ink. It is possible to print in relief from a solar plate by rolling ink on to the surface. It is also possible to print both ways at once by wiping a plate and then surface-rolling before putting it in the press.

A blend of new and traditional methods, solar etching involves no acid, only ultra-violet light and water, in the making of the plate and is therefore a very safe etching process.

A painting course in the studio Oil Painting Workshop A student in Poole Painting Studio Pen and ink in Poole Painting Studio At work in Poole Painting Studio Discussion in the  garden, Poole Painting Studio Printing a linocut A watercolour course in Poole Painting Studio Exploring Drawing Course, Poole Painting Studio Collagraph Course, Poole Painting Studio A print from the etching press, Poole Printmakers Printing a solar etching Equipment for intaglio printing Shapwick 2 - solar etching by Ruth Oaks
Course Title: Linocut Illustration
Dates: Saturday 26th – Monday 28th April
Tutor: Peter Ursem (
Cost: £140
Description: In this course with writer and artist Peter Ursem you will learn to make an edition of colour lino prints and come away with an illustrated story book. The story is written by Peter and illustrated with contributions from each person in the group. This year the title is “Never a Dull Day”. All materials for the book are included in the price. Poole Painting Studio / Poole Printmakers joint course.

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Course Title: Figure Drawing and Painting
Dates: Mondays 16th, 23rd and 30th June and 7th July
Tutor: No tutor
Cost: £29 per day or £99 for all 4 Mondays
Description: Drawing and painting from a variety of unclothed models for those interested in keeping up practice in drawing and painting the figure. A little drawing experience will be helpful as there is no tutor, but Ruth Oaks will be on hand for guidance to near-beginners.

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Course Title: Harbour and Studio (Into Abstraction)
Dates: Wednesday 18th – Thursday 19th June
Tutor: Martyn Brewster(
Cost: £92
Description: Using drawings made at Poole Quay or from still life and the studio as a starting point you will be helped to develop a more abstract approach to your work. The course will encourage both compositional and colour developments, and the opportunity to experiment with a variety of drawing and painting materials.

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Course Title: Indian Painted Story Scrolls
Dates: Thursday 26th June
Tutor: Debbie Lee
Cost: £46
Description: This is a unique opportunity to gain insight into an ancient and disappearing tradition from India. Tutor Debbie Lee studied at the Royal College of Art and undertook international artist’s residencies before qualifying and practising as an Art Therapist. As a Commonwealth research scholar in India she studied Patua painting in Midnapore with a group of Pat painters. She will start the course with an illustrated presentation of scrolls and songs, then provide plenty of guidance as required as you experience the process of making picture scrolls for yourself in this creative story-making workshop. Materials provided.

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Course Title: Portrait Drawing and Painting
Dates: Mondays 14th, 21st and 28th July and 18th August
Tutor: No tutor
Cost: £29 per day or £99 for all 4 Mondays
Description: Drawing and painting portraits from a variety of models. This is an untutored group so a little drawing experience will be helpful but Ruth Oaks will be on hand for guidance to near-beginners. Small group.

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Course Title: Oil Painting Workshop
Dates: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th August
Tutor: Teresa Lawton (
Cost: £92
Description: An introduction to oil painting with plenty of instruction in practical techniques. Experimentation will be encouraged and students will be helped to interpret and translate ideas and further skills to broaden their use of oil painting. Tutor Teresa Lawton will also provide constructive criticism on work brought in by students.

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Course Title: Drawing: Ways and Means
Dates: Saturday 16th August
Tutor: Rosalind Kunath MA RCA
Cost: £46
Description: An introduction to a variety of informal strategies and techniques for developing a fresh approach towards drawing as a daily practice. Flexibility of thinking can lead to interesting possibilities and you may at the end of the day have made some drawings which will surprise you.

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Course Title: Painterly Prints (Silkscreen Monoprints)
Dates: Wed 17th & Thur 18th September
Tutor: Martyn Brewster(
Cost: £92
Description: Tutor Martyn Brewster ( will show and talk about his work in silkscreen monoprints, and the course will continue making monoprints using silkscreen printing.

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